A Friends Blog

One of my more technical minded friends has decided that having his own website, complete with blog and podcast would be a nice functional thing to have.

I am in the process of developing his website, while he keeps himself busy updating his wordpress powered blog and podcast.

Check it out… it may be just the cast you were looking for

I love Winter

I don’t enjoy the cold
I don’t enjoy the need for 10 layers of clothing (or blankets)
I don’t enjoy the need for heaters

But when I look up at the clear night sky, no matter how cold I am, I realise why I love winter so much. The clear cold winter nights allow the stars to shine so so beautifully

Lusito Land Festival 2006

Got roped in to working at the Lusito Land Festival two weeks back… What one does for thy partner – I remember being cold, an on my feet for a long, long time.

The festival is just a great big excuse for people to meet up, drink and enjoy great Portuguese cuisine (with some local music thrown in for good measure) – At least all the proceeds go to a worthy cause.