The busy weekend

Fun weekend, a little crazy, but generally all good.

My engagement ring was finished sooner than expected, but this allowed me to surprise my girlfriend.

Yip, I am officially engaged :), it’s actually a vey very good feeling; somehow i didn’t think I would feel any different, but it feels good.

And due to some unforeseen complications with my future home (having to move in sooner than expected), I will be getting married next year May. About 4 months earlier than expected…. So suddenly finding a venue has become a priority. Strange how that happened on the weekend I get engaged. Go figure.

Birthdays and general celebrations kept me busy for the balance of the weekend (except for 2 hours at the movies with my fianceé, watched “The Lakehouse”… mmm ).

Some travel news

Tom is at it again. My good friend is taking his wife and two young daughters overseas. Permanently!

I’m not sure if the UK would be my first choice if I needed to choose a different country as home, but everyone to his own.

He (Tom) has decided to document the process of getting the documents, to the flying over, to the actual experience of adjusting to a new country. So in aid of that he has made a blog, with accompanying Podcast.

Only one post so far, but he has been away from his PC for the past week.

His “Cultureshock” blog can be found here

Website and Off-line Life updates

After many months of telling myself that I must complete the new theme and blog (so it is more rounded and cohesive) I have finally got my local web server running again to do the development.

Give me a few months and i think it will be nice and complete – to my standards anyway.

In other news:
I have managed to purchase the diamond. This diamond is one I really like and that I think will fit perfectly into the band design I have in mind for my girlfriend.
My girlfriend has been with me for the better part of two years now and I am fairly confident she will say yes. As she has very traditional parents, I have done the “ask the parents permission” part already – even though I don’t really believe in it. At least they are happy to have me as a future son-in-law.

So by the time my personal website and blog is complete, I should be officially engaged (if everything goes well)

In still other news:
My little sister, and my Mom are packing to go overseas (USA and UK) for a few weeks – Lucky sods – I miss traveling around the world, i miss it so much I actually called my friend in Florida (Tampa) just to say “Hi”
It was a fun, even if the phone bill is going to be rather heavy this month end.