The small car crash I had

For those of you that either view my Flickr page you would have already seen the state of my poor car. For those of you that haven’t here are the details of the incident (as requested by friends), as well as a link to the images. (Incidentally – the car is now fixed)

Four week-ends past myself and my fiancee were on our way out of the local Shopping Mall – This particular shopping mall only has pay parking available; This incident occurred on a busy Saturday while we were waiting, in my car, in the queue to exit through one of the exit booms.

A blue Opel joins the queue behind me.
A white bakkie (pickup truck for my American friends) – with the shopping malls private security company tags on the side – screeches to a stop behind the blue Opel.
One of the security guards jumps out of the Bakkie and with a rubber mallet starts breaking the rear windows of the Blue Opel – This scares the hell out of most of the shoppers in the area as it appears to be a vehicle hijacking.
The blue Opel – in an attempt to escape the security – pulls forward (towards my rear bumper) I in-turn move forward and to the right to avoid the blue Opel from rear-ending my car.
The Security guard (still on foot) continues to chase the blue Opel.
The Driver of the Blue Opel (in apparent panic) accelerates and impacts my car on the front passenger door.
The blue Opel continues past my car, and escapes the Mall security by ramming the exit boom and an additional security Gate.

Turns out the people in the blue Opel had stolen merchandise from various stores within the mall, and the mall security had been chasing them for 5 minutes within the complex parking lot before the guys finally escaped out the gate – the Metro Police Department apprehended the thieves 10min later down one of the motorways.

The results of the impact to my door are available for view here.

The quest for the perfect….

The not so Google approachI was thinking of making the title of this post “The quest for the perfect burger” just because I know the quest for the perfect burger is easier than the near on impossible quest for the perfect piece of code; but burgers (as tasty as they are) just don’t fit with this post.

In my work, I have recently been shipped into the cold storage unit called the server room – this being the only place where there are NO disturbances from other staff – and from this new cold location I am to develop/change/optimize/fix an existing system for our company.

This isn’t such a bad thing, I can deal with the cold, I like being on my own (sometimes) and the system is workable – so optimizing it is ok. The drawback is that the system is HUGE, and the company also wants new features designed, developed and implemented in this system – and the time frame given to me for this massive 6 to 8 month project – 2 weeks.

So here lies my quest – for that one piece of code that will make my life easier… slowly but surely I will either find it (Google is my friend), or in a “Eureka” type moment realize what it is I actually need.

Excuse me while I stress a little during the interim.