New Designs all around

new site designThe regular visitors to my website would have noticed the new website structure and design that I finally got together; to say that I am proud of my work would be understating the huge pride I have in my website.

Humbleness aside, I have not been the only website to recently update it’s design:

TheOpenSurgery an open source and tutorial based website by Jason Dugmore recently finished with updating a new layout and logo.

TechMongrel another technology based tutorial and review website by Matthew Vorster had a great monster logo addition.

And lastly NoBoxMedia an Ajax, DHTML and JavaScript site by Robin Pietersen finishes off my list of new website updates (the Noboxmedia website update coincides with a SEO competition which is currently running).

All three website owners are colleges from my University days and I believe these are excellent examples of great websites, for content and design, to assist any developer in today’s chaos of information.

A special Thank-you to Robin Pietersen for introducing me and teaching me the basics of Adobe Photoshop; I wouldn’t have been able to put my current or past website designs together without the initial teachings I got from him.

Social Networking Images and Links

Getting your blog (and blog posts) out there into the Big Wide Internet can be difficult at the best of times, but trying to get people that do visit your website to help you out shouldn’t be.

Social Networking websites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Facebook all have methods to allow their users to submit links to web pages that they find interesting, funny or just worth sharing. Allowing these users to quickly and easily add your blog post to their favorite website is a must for any blogger.

Below I have started making available the images I made for use on darwinshome (both the current size of 20px X 20px and the previous incarnation of 45px X 45px). Listed with the images are the links used to submit your website page to that Social Networking website.

This is not currently the full list of all the social networking websites available, as the weeks progress I will add more to the list until complete.
After a few weeks I will also design a wordpress plugin, to join the ranks of many like it out there, using the images and links listed.

[YOUR LINK URL] means the full URL of your blog post on yout website (eg: )
[YOUR LINK TITLE] means the full title of the submitted page (eg: My Blog Post)

In alphabetical order:

Bloglines image small Bloglines image medium[YOUR LINK URL] image small image medium[YOUR LINK URL]&title=[YOUR LINK TITLE]

[More images and links after cut]
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JavaScript / XML based Country, State Selection Script

JavaScript Country Selection listUPDATE 26 January 2009: Fixed the XML file load Bug that was affecting Chrome and Safari

Making use of my XML based Country and State/Province file I have put together a small script to populate two drop down lists with the complete Country and the selected countries Province or State list.

The code is ALL client-side based, so it will suffer from browsers without JavaScript enabled, but it is a very fast and light weight script to use if you want to quickly add a Country and State selection box to your registration forms. This script does not require any database to function.

Demo page

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