Paperless office? Not with Gmail.

Goggle Mail has released Gmail paper, a button on your emails that you to request a paper copy of the document from Goggle. Google prints the document (with adverts printed on the back of the paper to accommodate costs) and posts the documents to you.

So all those people that miss paper in today’s modern e-mail driven paperless office can get a whole pile of paper documents to file – or to crumple up and throw in the bin.
Interesting concept and they say it’s safe for the environment.

More details on Google’s new system here

Of course this is most problably an April fools joke, but I like the idea 🙂

Conspiracy Theory

I recently upgraded my blog, and started using WordPress for the new one. So to keep some sort of continuity between the old and new I reposted my initial views on the iPhone.

Here is where the conspiracy comes in: In the post I included a copy of the actual iPhone, but in Internet Explorer 7, the image never really fully loads. Now is it Microsoft not wanting the iPhone defiling it’s browser, or is it Apple preventing the iPhone from being displayed in an inferior browser?

What The? 

Firefox displays the image fine