Paperless office? Not with Gmail.

Goggle Mail has released Gmail paper, a button on your emails that you to request a paper copy of the document from Goggle. Google prints the document (with adverts printed on the back of the paper to accommodate costs) and posts the documents to you.

So all those people that miss paper in today’s modern e-mail driven paperless office can get a whole pile of paper documents to file – or to crumple up and throw in the bin.
Interesting concept and they say it’s safe for the environment.

More details on Google’s new system here

Of course this is most problably an April fools joke, but I like the idea 🙂

Google gives Backgrounds

For all the users using the personalized Google homepage, they now have the option to customize the background with a theme. It seems Google finally realized that people like to make things there own, even though the plain white background has been fine for most users for almost a decade now.

My personal favorite out of the currently six available themes : Sweet Dreams

[Google Blog entry]

Google on both sides

Google makes big news two days running; on one side being sued for copyright infringement, and the second for assisting users privacy. Here is my breakdown of the two articles:

Viacom sues YouTube (and Google) for copyrighted video clips

Viacom inc. (the owners of MTV and comedy Central) is suing YouTube (Google) for $1 billion claiming copyright infringement.  Aside from this being a ridiculous amount of money it will also put the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DCMA) ‘safe harbor’ clause under the microscope.

YouTube has so far not implemented any copyright detection systems into it’s video service, but has always removed copyrighted content at the request of the owner timeously, even when Viacom labelled some videos copyrighted ‘Viacom’ when in fact they belonged to other parties.

Google seems firm in it’s stance that they and YouTube are within their legal rights with regard to copyrights.

Google Privacy move

On the flip side of the coin, Google has been praised by privacy groups for it’s move to make users search information anonymous. Currently Google keeps user search information (IP address, cookie info and search string text) indefinitely; with this announcement Google says that any information that they have no legal obligation to keep (like say ‘how to Commit Murder’) will be anonymised after 18 to 24 months.

Currently the only criticism of this move by the web search engine is the time that they do keep the information.

For me, Google seems to own my life, a little anonymity wont hurt a bit.

Google Googe

Google loves making different versions of it’s logo for special events, like holidays and famous peoples birthdays.

This Valentines day, Google’s designer must have been pushed for time, with the wonderful, chocolate covered strawberry making it seem like the “L” in Google is missing.

Valentine Google

“Hey, just Googe it 😛 “