360 gets beefed up

What was just a rumor yesterday has been confirmed, Microsoft will be releasing the XBOX 360 Elite version (but only in limited stock format ~100 000 units).

So what makes the 360 Elite so special from its premium partner; well the 120 gigabyte hard drive (as opposed to the normal 20 gig), and the HDMI enabled output and connectivity, and the cherry on the top: the 360 Elite is Black!

Early guestimates are indicating that this will upset some of the early adopters of the current 360 models, but with only limited numbers, I foresee great difficulty for most people to get one even if they can afford the $479 price tag.

[Originally spotted at Engadget]

Auto Gamer

I have heard of people using scripts and key mapping to get the upper hand in games, not cheats, just little tools to give them that last little edge over their competitor or the game AI.

This little trick on the other hand seems to be taking tools to a whole new level. US gamer (and car mechanic) David Harr decided to build a machine that would start and re-start Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360) and by doing so would gain him the required 60 points to unlock his next skill level.

Simple, and effective.. but is it cheating?

[Original article BBC News]