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Introducing the iPhone (this one from Apple), After the release of Linksys iPhone I was sure that Apple was either; not going to release a phone for sometime to come or not going to name it the iPhone.

Turns out I was wrong on both accounts. Yesterday at Macworld Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced to the world the Apple iPhone.

iphoneac5.jpgNow I must be a little jaded, but I was expecting something better, well maybe not better, but definitely something more. This wonder of technology has touch screen, Internet and email, WiFi, Bluetooth, Quad band, 2 mega pixel camera, and either 4 or 8 GB of storage. So why am I not impressed?

The phone is not 3G enabled, so all my email and Internet is routed through EDGE, Apple touts it’s built in Safari browser as a “the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device” But Opera and IE are available (and have been available for a few years already) on mobile devices, both offering similar features. I’m glad it has quad band, but for a phone only being released in July of 2007 I would expect a little more than just 2 mega pixels in a camera.

I would have also thought that with increases in flash memory space, that offering fixed memory would be a limiting factor. Looking at this phone, except for the touch screen and WiFi my Nokia matches (I have a MMC slot, so I can set my memory size to the size I need), and if I get the Sony Ericsson P990i then I have the iPhone without an apple logo, actually both my phone and the Sony Ericsson are 3G capable.

These are valid points, I have passed over my pet peeves with the device, like the gloss look (a look that showed scratches so well with the black iPod Nano’s), and the size. I am sure that many people will disagree with me on this, but looking at the iPhone, I think there are better, smaller and sleeker mobile devices out there.

Apple wants to reinvent the phone, I think they missed that boat by a few years.

3 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone

  1. Apple has once again disappointed, I keep on expecting this revolutionary device that will sweep the market as the original iPod did, but I don”t see that happening with either the new iPod or this iPhone.

    Let me ask a question; if this phone is only being released in July 07 then what are the Sony Ericsson”s and the Nokia”s of this world going to have out, for that matter what are the Alcatel”s of this world going to have out? They seem to be releasing a phone in 7 months that should have been released 6 months ago, and that is in Africa, how could this possible compete in the US or in the UK. I suppose that the apple fans (Tom I won”t mention your name) will be dying to own this piece of… technology, who am I to argue, after all it is a matter of opinion.

  2. Actually, I have seen the Keynote, and I am impressed (a little) by the touch screen. But no, my comments still stand, and ring true.

    If that is the best retort you have, I think Apple has definitely fallen short of the mark

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