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Nasty little bugger

I have managed, after much fighting and arguing, invited the flu in for a visit – as per usual the chap is going to stick around for a week (or two), then leave without so much as leaving a thank you note.

I do not normally get sick – I may get a sniffle for a day (during which time I am the worst person to be near because I am a ‘carrier’ of said sickness) the next day I am healthy and well but every other soul within a 5km radius has the full blown flu.

For me to get properly sick (as I am now) I must have completely ruined my immune system by doing something stupid, and in this case it was overworking the brain – behind the computer screen – without rest for the past 5 weeks.

Busy Worker: The Office

The office work: ACG World
ACG World Website Work

A work in progress that is almost two years in the making was finally released in March this year – Two months later when the company is finally ready to go live with our system and bugs appear out of the wood work. A few stressful days later all the problems are resolved.

The office work: Investec
Investec Presentation Work
It has been a while since I stood in front of a bunch of people and attempted to teach them important stuff. In the case of Investec I was contracted out to train the new staff in their current Anti-Money laundering product (SIDE SafeWatch). I made way too big a mountain out of this training molehill.

Busy Worker: Freelance

Taking on website work on the side for some spare cash sounds like a great idea, until you try and do it.

Freelance: Sandbox Holdings
Sandbox Holdings Website Work

Originally Sandbox Technologies, this company has grown much since it put up its first website. One afternoon last year (in passing) I offered to redesign their website . A couple of interesting weeks later their website is ready – a few months later I get word to finally make it live. What do you know, a few new bugs to fix.

The Gateway Academy
The Gateway Academy Website Work

A project that has been testing (and is still stretching) my PHP abilities. A real fun project that has come to fore with deadlines over the past weeks. This project is unique in that it is my first attempt at doing a job for someone I have never met (client is based in the UK).

New Freelance: Poken South Africa
Poken mini logoCurrently I am throwing together some ideas for Tim Lunn and the team at Poken South Africa. Helping them get a great and functional website for selling their wonderful Poken to the African markets.

(I own a Panda Poken for anyone that is interested)

New Freelance: Body Thrills
Body Thrills LogoExMi, the beautiful lady and author of Expensive Mistakes Cheap Thrills needs to take her ‘coming soon’ online store into the live ‘I am open for business’ state, I am lending a helping hand.

Not a lot of work / A whole bunch of work

Most of the work above falls under short term projects, smaller projects that shouldn’t take too long to complete. But when I have limited time for some (the freelance work can only be done outside of office hours), normal household work, and a small dose of emotional unrest at the home into the mix – all my wonderful, well laid out, plans go for a ball of rubbish.

All of the small projects deadlines hit at the same time, and with the already existent stress, my body failed me and flu popped in for a visit.

Some projects have passed, some are still here, and some are only just starting – Thank goodness I made all those TO DO lists last week, else this little bite of flu that I am kicking out by Friday could have been full blown bronchitis (or even that nasty Pig Flu everyone is talking about)

I am learning through experience (you know, the hard way!)

In a different way, but with the same result, I, like Blondore have learnt my lesson – Listen to your body when it tells you enough is enough.

I may not have ever avoided the flu this year, even if I did get down and re-work my time management lists and get down to business; unforeseen circumstance may still have screwed me over.

If it be lots of ‘little bits’ of work incorrectly managed – hitting you all at one, emotional stress from a particular incident, or just plain over worked and under paid, ask yourself: Am I listening to what my body is telling me? Is my body telling me to relax?