Overzealous checks

I recently downloaded a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional.

During the download, Microsoft emailed the trial licence key to my Hotmail email account.

Microsoft Error

Turns out Microsoft’s Hotmail service does not like its Try Microsoft Office service. (Attachments, pictures, and links in this message have been blocked for your safety: This message may be dangerous)

Really? Maybe Microsoft Licence keys are dangerous.

4 thoughts on “Overzealous checks

  1. admin says:

    Maybe they are finally admitting it to themselves.

    Much to your satisfaction I assume you will be delighted to know that all my mail from Apple seem to be coming in fine.

  2. jessel says:

    this should have been expected — they are still famous for their wonderful unusual errors in older versions on windows — how could they let us down now

  3. Grunt says:

    Ofcourse it is dangerous, it is Microsoft after all, does this mean that microsoft themselves are starting to doubt microsoft’s work. Some onw at hotmail is just trying to protect you. Be thankful

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