The quest for the perfect….

The not so Google approachI was thinking of making the title of this post “The quest for the perfect burger” just because I know the quest for the perfect burger is easier than the near on impossible quest for the perfect piece of code; but burgers (as tasty as they are) just don’t fit with this post.

In my work, I have recently been shipped into the cold storage unit called the server room – this being the only place where there are NO disturbances from other staff – and from this new cold location I am to develop/change/optimize/fix an existing system for our company.

This isn’t such a bad thing, I can deal with the cold, I like being on my own (sometimes) and the system is workable – so optimizing it is ok. The drawback is that the system is HUGE, and the company also wants new features designed, developed and implemented in this system – and the time frame given to me for this massive 6 to 8 month project – 2 weeks.

So here lies my quest – for that one piece of code that will make my life easier… slowly but surely I will either find it (Google is my friend), or in a “Eureka” type moment realize what it is I actually need.

Excuse me while I stress a little during the interim.

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